Venue:  National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Centre

13:30-15:30 Room 401
Plenary Session II: Resuscitation Councils of AsiaModerator:Hang Chang, MD, PhDLim Swee Han, MBBS, FRCS Edin ( A&E), FRCP Edin, FAMS

Strategies on Chain of Survival in RCA
  1. Enhancing and Updating Chain of Survival in Asian Countries…Matthew Huei-Ming Ma, MD, PhD
  2. Strengthening the Chain of Survival of OHCA—the Singapore Initiative… Lim Swee Han, MBBS, FRCS Edin ( A&E), FRCP Edin, FAMS
  3. 3.Recent Progress in the Chain of Survival in Japan, Especially Post Cardiac Arrest Care…Hiroshi Nonogi, MD, PhD
  4. 4.CPR Training in the Philippines…Francis Lavapie, MD
  5. 5.TRC and the improving in the chain of survival of OCHA in Thailand…Sarayut Wiboonchutikul, MD 
15:40-17:25 Room202  
RCA 11th General Assembly (GA)

17:30-21:00 Room 101   
Banquet, All are invited